Many have suggested that we should write a book.  The story hasn’t been written, and the last chapters are yet to be lived, but it has been an amazing journey.  Life started back in May of 1987 when we married… no, I guess you would have to back up even further. Either way, the adventures, the trials, the struggles, and the joy could fill more than one book.  I don’t know if the book will ever actually be written, I’m not sure anyone would actually want to read it.  Sometimes the truth is more far-fetched than fiction could ever be. But, one thing I can assure, there is nothing in this world that I would trade for this journey that Amy and I have traveled together.
The following blog, articles, and timeline are snippets of thoughts and moments in time that we have each attempted to capture. Probably none of these stories alone are all that unusual, but to live them all in one lifetime is…. well, you decide.



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You don’t choose your family, but they’re God’s gift.


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We traveled full-time for 6 years… we have some stories.

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Dave & Amy Rush

Dave & Amy Rush

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