Bus Build Project

The progress of our bus build and is listed here along with a few photos of our early travel.  I strongly suggest, if you plan to build a bus, be sure to take it out for a ride as often as possible.  You’ll loose heart if you never drive it.

On the Road Full Time

Here’s the million dollar question: Where do we go from here?

We have no home, no plan, no direction, no ideas. 

Work Done In Florida

Florida is the land of dreams. Palm trees, oceans, miles of white sand beaches, amusement parks, everglades, alligators, and more. It’s warm year ’round and even when it’s a bit cool, it doesn’t last for long. Almost heavenly.


Interesting conversation with a gentleman camped next to us. . .

We happened to be chatting about our individual lives and what brought us to where we are in life. He worked 30+ years for a UAW (Union) plant in Michigan and his wife was a school teacher. They both retired with full pensions, social security, and insurance. The American dream – right?