May 11, 2014
This morning about 8:00 my dad when home. Like anyone, I have a mixture of emotions. There is some sadness in loosing a parent, but it’s the natural order of things. Our parents raised six children and each is still alive to experience his passing. I feel somewhat envious that he has entered the gates of heaven and we must stay behind. I wonder how long it will be before he designs and builds an elevator someplace in his mansion.

Dad will be missed, but he has given us the tools to live successfully while we’re here. He has provided an example of how to live, then an example of how to die. I’m fortunate to have been back from Florida soon enough to spend a valuable day before his passing. He was alert and planning projects, and yet took the time to, once again, explain all his final details.

Mom is still with us in body, but suffers with Alzheimer’s. Dad stayed by her side, reminding her of his love regularly, even though she was unsure of who he is. She is blissfully unaware of his passing, but may already be joining him in heaven.

Now, we take the baton, now we have to be the grown-ups. We have to sort through documents, statements, records, and memories. We have to make decisions that we’re not ready to make. We have to sort between emotions and facts, between personal bias and reality, and between expectations and needs as we weave through the web of surviving siblings.

Thursday we will plant him in the ground, the death of a seed. May the blessings of our Lord water the seed to become an inspiration of Godliness, the hope of future generations. May he blossom through his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren for countless generations.