Die to Self

What does Jesus mean when he talked about dyeing to yourself, or presenting your body as a living sacrifice?

This is a discussion of the meaning of salvation and our responsibility to God.

Sin, Chuch and God

It seems there is an ongoing epidemic of Church assemblies trying to cure sin in the lives of their attenders.  Is that Biblical?

What is the root cause of all sin?  What’s the Church doing?  Do we accept the sinner?
What does Paul say?

Who Are The Least Of These?

Something troubling is happening in the American church culture that needs to be addressed. I realize that not every assembly of God-fearing Christians are guilty, and maybe your congregation is different, but we need to consider Jesus’ words very carefully.

Pearl of Great Price

The angels rejoiced that warm spring day as a penniless child opened her heart to Jesus.  But the child was ignored by the house of worship, for an impoverished child has no place in the modern church of human worship.  Those who are hungry and naked are not welcome in the hearts of those who worship in those hallowed halls. . 

The Blessing of Loss

I’m feeling grateful today as I look back through the recent years of our lives.

During the 2000s decade Amy and I built a successful business and throughly enjoyed the experiences that success brought us. We made the money we needed to raise our children, with enough of what they needed and some of what they wanted. We were able to raise them with some acreage to play, neighbors who were positive and friendly role models, and a house big enough for all their friends. 

Abba Father

The creepiest sound I have ever heard was nothing at all. My wife, Maria, and I stood in the hallway of an orphanage somewhere in the former Soviet Union, on the first of two trips required for our petition to adopt. Orphanage staff led us down a hallway to greet the two 1-year-olds we hoped would become our sons. The horror wasn’t the squalor and the stench, although we at times stifled the urge to vomit and weep. The horror was the quiet of it all. The place was more silent than a funeral home by night.

Relationship with Jesus?

The last few years I’ve really struggled with this word “Relationship” as it relates to Jesus. When I think of relationship I think of spending time together, talking, mutual advice, chatting about anything and nothing, seeing each other, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to hug, a body to hold. In the case of a marriage relationship the word relationship includes sexual intimacy, understanding the thoughts and feelings of each other, emotional and physical protection, admiration, emotional and physical closeness and so much more. But, our relationship with Jesus doesn’t consist of those things.

What's this thing called Blessings?

How do you describe it? What do we expect? How do I get it? These questions are not only relevant, but they will challenge the way we think of ourselves and the way we think about who God is. In some personal way, we all have an evaluation of God, based on the answer to these questions.

The ARK Encounter

While researching and preparing for my next Simon book I wanted an opportunity to see Noah’s Ark at the Ark Encounter. As our travels took us through Cincinnati, Ohio it was the perfect time to stop and see it.

When we arrived in our RV I took a few minutes to survey the view. The ark sat about a half mile from our parking spot on an opposite hill. I tried to imagine the thoughts of the folks in Noah’s day who would see that boat from a far hill.

Just Enough

The journey continues. We left the heat, bugs, and desolation of Florida and moved about 430 miles north to a quiet little place in northern Georgia. This is like heaven on earth compared to Florida. The temperatures are mild, the bugs aren’t biting (yet), and the trees are blossoming. At this point I would say that northern Georgia is about the nicest place we’ve seen. Now I realize, that in a month or two the heat will be unbearable for this Englishman, but for now, it’s heavenly, and we will be gone by then.

Memories Made

Occasionally in life we cross a line into something more memorable. A moment, or a day, that for whatever reason, will stick to our minds forever. Some days come and go without much notice or specific memory. But once in awhile, there is a day that has the ability to mold our outlook, to adjust our thinking, and even highlight our dreams.
This week has been one of those weeks that will be forever remembered as a marker in history. We will forever look back and say “remember that week”?

Should We Judge One Another?

This question comes up almost on a daily basis. If there is one scripture that everyone is familiar with it is Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

What most people are saying is don’t remind me of the fact that I’m transgressing Gods law.  If you were to tell them that the Bible says this or that most people will take offense to what you say. This is because you bring conviction to their life.

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