Grandpa Fields

Grandpa Fields was born around 1880 and died around 1952. This would have been recorded shortly before he died.

30th Anniversary

I once stood inside this courthouse, in front of an intimidating and graceful judge. With tears of emotion and commitment I said to a fifteen year old girl, “If you’ll have me, I’ll give you my life.”

Our story was very much like so many others. And, so very different too. Amy and I were best friends. We had been best friends for four years. We never really dated, she was only fifteen after-all. Yet, there was turmoil, there was pain, there was frustrations that drove us together and drove us to that courthouse deep in the south.

Dad's Passing

May 11, 2014
This morning about 8:00 my dad when home. Like anyone, I have a mixture of emotions. There is some sadness in loosing a parent, but it’s the natural order of things. Our parents raised six children and each is still alive to experience his passing. I feel somewhat envious that he has entered the gates of heaven and we must stay behind. I wonder how long it will be before he designs and builds an elevator someplace in his mansion.

50 Years

It’s new to me, being 50 and all. Honestly, I’ve never been 50 before, so I really don’t know how to act. But I have assembled some history that hopefully will guide me for the next 50 years.
First, I realize that I’ve successfully completed over 18,500 days since I first opened my eyes to the wonders of this world. The first couple thousand days were rather uneventful, at least as far as my memory serves.