Absolutely stunning car!  1980 Triumph TR7 body, with a 231 Buick V6, 5-Speed Chevy Transmission, Chevy rear end, MKIII Body Kit, custom body, custom paint.

All body work was done professionally by Black River Customs, a high-end classic and custom car builder in Northern Michigan.  The body was rock-solid, fully stripped, mounted to a rotisserie, soda-blasted and primed.  Every flaw smoothed, welded, molded very professionally.  The body kit was purchased in England and imported to fit this specific car.  The kit was installed and then customized.  Many months were spent perfecting this amazing car body.  Every nut, bolt, spring, and washer are brand new.  Most imported from England specifically for this car.  No expense was spared.  This bright yellow body is perfect, straight, and flawless in every way… with one minor exception. I put a small spec in the paint on one headlight bucket (see pictures), you probably wouldn’t see it if I didn’t show you.

The full under-side of the car was sprayed with bed-liner while on the rotisserie, as well as the inside of the trunk

The suspension includes new up-rated performance springs, new shocks, rebuilt brake calipers, new rotors, pads, new brake lines, etc.  The steering rack is brand new from England, and all the suspension bushings are new.  All suspension parts are up-rated for mild performance.  The wheels and tires, including extra wheels are included with this sale, however they are nothing special. I intended to purchase some kind of wire wheels.

The engine has very few hours since full professional build.  Includes mild cam and a Holly 600 cfm carb.  New headers, custom designed for this engine/body configuration.  New water pump, new gaskets, new wires, etc.  A mild performance clutch was installed.  I have a rebuilt, high capacity radiator (not yet installed) and a performance fan.

The headlight motors are rebuilt with new parts from England, I have custom stainless covers for the rockers, the car body was customized to accept the custom chrome gas cap, new gas tank with new stainless and rubber mounts and new bolts.

The intention of this build is a comfortable, dependable, enjoyable car to drive.  It was not built for high performance, but many performance parts are used.  The bright yellow catches attention from everyone who has seen it.  The paint is a multi-layer paint with a white base, transparent yellow, and clear-coat.  Paint codes or custom mixed paint are available upon request.

Also included with this car, another parts car in great condition.  Plus, I have a shed full of parts that are included.  The parts car has a full interior in great condition, including good seats, and dash.  The parts car has new fenders, new windshield, new engine, etc.  Tons of great parts, or restore this car by itself.  The parts car does have some suspension issues due to rust on the floors.  Click her for photos of the parts car.

Some of the following photos are older than others, but you’ll get the idea.  The car is awesome!

Now, for some other details.  I have interiors for the car, but “no, there is no interior in it.”  It needs gas line installed, (The tank is new),  brake lines installed, new tires, etc.
You still need some cash to build this car properly.

I have the parts car and a whole truckload of additional parts, so you have almost everything you need.  But you’re not going to reuse the brake lines, right?  And you need upholstery, right?

I’ve got about $14,000 (over $5000 just for the paint) into this beauty.  I’ve lived long enough to know that there is no way it’s worth that much.  Project cars are often a loss, and I’m perfectly okay with that.  My only regret is that I couldn’t finish it.

I’m asking $4800 right now.  My loss is your gain.  Come take a look.  It’s in my storage and covered with blankets.  The green parts car is outside.  You look and shoot me an offer, I won’t be offended. The only thing I ask is that you be fair and honest.

I’ll consider trades, but come look first.  Don’t send me an email and make an offer without looking.  You can’t be serious if you haven’t touched it.

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